Standard Plans Interim Revisions - FY 2020-21

N/A = Not Applicable

N/C = No Change

(Last updated 02/15/2020)

Interim Revision Reference NumberRevised SheetsIndex TitleDesign Information
InstructionsDesign ToolsData Table Cell LibraryBorderless DGNsAssociated Design Bulletin
102-600AllGeneral Information for Traffic Control Through Work Zones    RDB20-01
455-0031 of 1Square Prestressed Concrete Piles-EDC Instrumentation    RDB20-06
509-0703 of 4Railroad Grade Crossing Traffic Control DevicesSPI---RDB20-02
509-070-1AllRailroad Grade Crossing Traffic Control Devices----OODB21-02
711-001-1AllPavement Markings----OODB21-02