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(Last updated: 09/11/2020)


Errata for Road Construction


Index Redline Sheet Errata
Index Title Description
430-021RL 6 11/18/19 Cross Drain Mitered End Section Corrected Steel Bar Thickness in the TONGUE AND GROOVE  CONNECTOR DETAIL.
425-030RL 1 11/25/19 Median Barrier Inlets Type 1 and 2 Corrected Index reference in General Note 2.
430-030RL 3 of 4 02/13/20 Straight Concrete Endwalls-Single Multiple Pipe Corrected the Elliptical Concrete and Corrugated Metal Pipe Table (Rise/Span).
443-002RL 3 11/18/19 Skimmers For French Drain Outlets Corrected TYPE II Details Side Elevation Dimension.
IR509-070RL 3 of 4 03/25/20 Railroad Grade Crossing Traffic Control Devices Corrected the 15"Min. dimension from Stop Bar to Track in the RAILROAD CROSSING AT TWO-LANE ROADWAY Detail.
521-010RL 1 of 2 10/15/20 opaque Visual Barrier Added concrete class per previous standard.
521-620RL 2 of 4 01/07/20 Concrete Barrier/Raised Sidewalk-Wall  Coping Corrected reference in Note 7.
521-650RL1 of 309/11/20Light Pole Pedestal - Wall CopingCorrected Index reference in Note 1.
522-002RL 7 of 8 04/30/20 Detectable Warnings and Sidewalk Curb Rams Deleted Sheet 7 of 8 and renumbered Index.

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 01/07/20 Ground-In Rumble Strips Corrected Location G's Depth in the RUMBLE STRIP DEPTH TABLE.
630-001RL 4 of 4 05/20/20 Conduit Installation DetailsCorrected dimensions on SECTION A-A.
700-010RL 6 of 10 02/13/20 Single Column Ground Signs Clarified Notes 1 and 2
700-101RL 1 of 1 06/24/20 Typical Sections for Placement of Single and Multi-Column Signs The intent of the change with the 20-21 Standard Plans was to provide flexibility of the sign locations in accordance with the MUTCD. It was not to create new offsets for the sign location.
700-120RL1 of 1009/29/20Enhanced Highway Signing AssembliesSheet 1: Clarified Note 5 by adding 6" thickness to the dimensions.
711-001RL 11 and 13 12/19/19 Pavement Markings Added note to table for clarification.


Errata for Bridge Construction


Index Redline Sheet Errata
Index Title Description
455-124RL2 of 2 10/15/20 24" Square CFRP & SS Prestressed Concrete PileCorrected Spiral Ties in the Elevation View
 515-021RL 1 of 1 02/17/20 Pedestrian/Bicycle Bullet Railing For Traffic RailingNote 1-corrected spelling.
 515-022RL 1 of 3 02/17/20 Pedestrian/Bicycle Bullet Railing DetailsPOST "CI" DETAILS-corrected spelling.
550-013RL 2 of 3 02/26/20 Bridge Fencing (Over RailroadCorrected Posts F1083 pipe size in the TABLE OF CHAIN LINK FENCE COMPONENTS.