FDOT is trying to make sure that design processes, procedures, and practices are consistent, predictable, and repeatable across the state.  This site summarizes issues which have been identified as inconsistent or areas where variations in the interpretation of existing guidance or practices have been discovered.  For each issue, the recommended action or solution will be provided to make it more consistent, predictable, and repeatable.  The material on this site is intended to be informative, outlining actions and recommendation, in many instances, which will be followed up with formal directives, procedural changes, or manuals/standards revisions.

Design CPR Questions: If there are questions about the consistency, predictability and repeatability of FDOT standards and practices for designing and producing plans, specification and estimates for transportation facilities; please use this link to e-mail questions.  Be as specific as possible with questions so that it can be directed to the appropriate design office or unit for a response.

CPR Issues






Project Scoping for Resurfacing, Restoration and Rehabilitation (3R) Work



Weathering Steel Bridges & Bridge Painting




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