Due to the Coronavirus, in person attendance of Bid Openings will not be possible.

Public must dial into the Teleconference line if they wish to be "present" at the Bid Opening.

(312) 757-3121

Access Code: 190-567-573


Important Letting Documents



Proposal IDFinancial Project NumberCountyMajor Work TypeAddendumNo. of Amendments
E2Z15439528-1-52-01DuvalLandscape and Irrigation Systems on I-10  
E2Z82-R0410215-5-72-31Lafayette, Madison, TaylorHauling Material from Loading Locations to Unloading Locations  
E2Z84-R0410215-5-72-33Taylor, Lafayette , MadisonLarge Machine Mowing  
Remove and Replace Concrete Mitered End Sections
E20C4441199-1-52-01ClayR&R Minor Bridges  
E20F5-R0409311-6-52-01District-wideRoadway Signing, Traffic Signal11
E20H7-R0410214-7-72-39St. JohnsSide Drain and Cross Drain Pipe Replacement  
E20K6410214-7-72-40PutnamClearing and Grubbing  


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