Posted on March 29, 2021
12:30 PM


Proposal/Contract No. – Bid TabsFinancial Project NumberIntent to Award – Contractor’s NameDate Awarded
E2Z66-R0410212-5-72-26USA Services of Florida, Inc.4/2/2021
E2Z67410212-5-72-27Turtle Infrastructure Partners, LLC4/2/2021
E2Z86410215-5-72-35JT Ruby Contracting Service, Inc.4/2/2021
E2Z91410218-2-72-25Hicks Seal Coating and Striping, LLC, dba Hicks Asphalt Paving & Concrete4/2/2021
E2Z94-R0446486-1-72-01JT Ruby Contracting Service, Inc.4/2/2021
M & J Construction Company of Pinellas County, Inc.4/2/2021
E20C6441198-1-52-01Coastal Gunite Construction Company4/2/2021
E20J9-R0444896-2-72-01Alrod Logistics, Inc.4/2/2021