Important Letting Documents


Proposal IDFinancial Project NumberCountyMajor Work TypeAddendumNo. of Amendments
E1S82445841-1-72-01DeSoto, HardeeRemove & Replace RPMs (BDI)  
E1S83445840-1-72-01Glades, HendryRemove & Replace RPMs (BDI)  
E1S84445842-1-72-01HighlandsRemove & Replace RPMs (BDI)  
E1S85-R0432729-1-72-76Dist/St-Wide, LeeMowing, Litter Removal, & Edging  
E1S86-R0 432728-1-72-95Dist/St-Wide, Manatee, SarasotaPower Shearing  
E1S87-R0432728-1-72-94Dist/St-Wide, SarasotaNorth Point Mowing, Litter Removal, & Edging  
E1S88-R0432744-1-72-49Dist/St-Wide, Glades, HendryMedian Bull Nose Painting  
E1S89-R0432728-1-72-76Dist/St-Wide, SarasotaLandscape Maintenance  


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