Important Letting Documents


Proposal IDFinancial Project NumberCountyMajor Work TypeAddendumNo. of Amendments
Constructing Right Turn Lane
E1T21-R0432727-2-72-02PolkPipe Cleaning & Joint Repair  
E1T22432726-1-72-50HighlandsDrainage Repairs - US 27  
E1T23-R0432726-1-72-46HighlandsShoulder Repair w/ Sod  
E1T24-R0432728-1-72-74Manatee, SarasotaM.O.T.  
E1T25-R0432728-1-72-96Manatee, SarasotaMisc. Concrete & Drainage Repairs  
E1T26-R0432728-1-72-93Manatee, SarasotaClean & Reshape Ditches  


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