Important Letting Documents


Proposal IDFinancial Project NumberCountyMajor Work TypeAddendumNo. of Amendments
E1S67-R04327281-72--77Dist/St-Wide, Manatee, SarasotaAsphalt Repair  
E1S68-R0432650-1-72-51DeSoto, Dist/St-WideMowing, Litter Removal, and Edging & Sweeping  
E1S69-R0432744-1-72-44Dist/St-Wide, HendryMowing, Litter Removal, and Edging & Sweeping  
E1S70-R0432744-1-72-43Dist/St-Wide, Glades, HendryChemical Mowing for Glades & Hendry  
E1S71-R0437929-1-72-33DeSoto, Dist/St-Wide, Glades, Hardee, Hendry, HighlandsMechanical Mowing  
Citrus, Dist/St-Wide, Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco, PinellasDistrict 1 & 7 Materials & Research Maintenance of Traffic11


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