Important Letting Documents


Proposal ID


Project Number

CountyMajor Work TypeAddendumNo. of AmendmentsOther Information
LeeDrainage Improvements   
E1R10441249-1-52-01ManateeDrainage Improvements   
E1R23440238-1-52-01LeeLandscaping and Irrigation (BDI)  **EXPERIENCE FORM REQUIRED**
E1R67-R0432728-1-72-71ManateeHerbicide, Strip, and Hand Application   
E1R68-R0432728-1-72-75ManateePipe Repair, Lining, Subsurface Grout, Polyurethane Injection and Structure Sealing   
E1R69-R0432729-1-72-55LeeRepair Non-Paved Shoulders/Slopes with Sod   
E1R70-R0432887-1-72-16ManateeLandscape Maintenance   


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