Important Letting Documents
Proposal ID

Financial Project Number

CountyMajor Work TypeAddendumNo. of Amendments
E1S03-R0432729-1-72-72LeeTree Trimming and Removal00
E1S04-R0432729-1-72-43LeeMaintenance of Traffic00
E1S05-R0432650-1-72-48DeSoto, HardeeUnderdeck herbicide Application and Litter Removal00
E1S06-R0432726-1-72-42 Highlands  Roadside Mowing, Litter Removal, Edging and Sweeping, and Chemical Vegetation Control11
E1S07-R0432726-1-72-77 Polk  Shoulder Repair with Sod (North)00
E1S08-R0432727-1-72-95 Polk Shoulder Repair with Sod (South) 00
Z1066-R0 443533-3-F2-02Lee, Polk Pre-Event Rest Area Emergency Generator Services 00


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