Reported Construction Systems Issues/Tickets

Summary: As of 3/10/2023

The following system issues have been reported and affect internal and external customers including CEIs and contractors. The Department is actively working on resolutions. Please don’t repeatedly report these issues, but report new issues to

Updates will be posted here. If an item is removed, consider it resolved.

Systems currently with limited or no access:


General data view and data API issues due to the PrC migration affecting:

  • Storing of Federal and Non-federal participation is causing issue with how line-item adjustments are reporting

Who does this Impact?

All (FDOT internal/External staff, conusltants, CEI's) are affected by these outages.

What can I expect next?

A status update will be sent when these issues have been resolved.

Who is my contact if I have questions?

If you have any questions, please contact the CO-SCO-SystemSection


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Phone: (954) 876-0033

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Commissioner Sandy Johnson 2200 NE 38th Street
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Phone: (954) 234-5339
Alternate: Mayor Frank Otis

Staff Director
Greg Stuart 100 West Cypress Creek Road, Suite 650
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Alternate: Paul Calvaresi
2nd Alternate: Bryan Caletka

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