Chapter NumberRevised DateChapter Title
Entire Manual1-1-20212021 RAM (Redline)
Entire Manual12-2-20192020 RAM (Redline)
Entire Manual3-26-20192019 RAM (Redline)
Entire Manual1-31-20182018 RAM
Crosswalk1-31-2018Old RAM to 2018 RAM Crosswalk
Entire Manual1-31-2018Entire Manual (Obsoleted)
0210-25-2016District Final Estimates Office
036-17-2016Administrative Management
156-1-2016Final Estimates Performance Reviews
111-29-2014Structural Items Review
1510-14-2013Final Estimates Performance Reviews
1410-10-2012Post Review Processing / Contract Closeout
093-8-2012Roadway, Base, Stabilizing and Pavement Items Review
042-26-2012Review Functions, Types and Certification of the Final Estimates Package
145-18-2011Post Review Processing / Contract Closeout
038-30-2010Administrative Management
148-5-2010Post Review Processing / Contract Closeout
155-3-2010Final Estimates Performance Reviews
0611-19-2008Lump Sum, Square Yard & Truck Measured
0810-1-2008Earthwork Items and Related Operations Review
076-12-2007Drainage, Erosion, Traffic Control, and Barrier Items Review
051-4-2007Preparation for Review
1011-22-2006Bituminous Material items Review (Obsoleted)
132-21-2005Adjustments to Fuel & Bituminous Materials
1210-23-2001Overview Function (Obsoleted)