Chapter/SectionRevised DateTitle
Table of Contents1/24/13 
Introduction II1/1/13Final Estimates Process DELETED 7/7/14
Chapter 1 TOC Table of Contents
1.14/22/19Plans Review and Comments
1.212/15/20Constructability/Biddability Reviews
Contract Duration & Alternative Contracting Techniques
1.36/18/19Pre-Bid Questions & Answers
Chapter 2 Office Preparation
Chapter 2 TOC Table of Contents
2.19/11/20Project Scheduling
2.24/8/20Final Estimates Pre-Planning
Chapter 3 Preconstruction activities
Chapter 3 TOC Table of Contents
3.12/18/21Preconstruction Conference Partial Payment for Certain Materials
3.27/17/19Quality Assurance & Quality Control of Field Operations
3.310/29/19Contractor's Quality Control Plan  Unpaid Bills Processing
3.48/26/19Dispute Review Boards
3.54/7/21Final Estimates Quality Reviews
Chapter 4 Consultant CEI Management
Chapter 4 TOC Table of Contents
4.18/27/18Administration of Contract Time Suspension of Contract Time
4.28/27/18Construction Contract Time Extension Procedure
Chapter 5 project documentation
Chapter 5 TOC3/11/10Table of Contents
5.112/23/20F.A.I.N. Resolution  Project Diary
5.22/10/21Contractor Vehicle Registration Environmental Commitment Compliance
5.33/10/21Subletting of Contract
5.43/13/18Operation Within Railroad Right of Way Contract Wage Requirements
5.52/9/21Equipment Rental
5.62/16/21Utility Work
5.75/12/20Experimental Application - Dissemination of Information Federal-Aid Project Requirements
5.83/1/21Control of Materials
5.95/8/19Process Review of Construction Engineering & Inspection
5.104/9/21Verification Inspection & Testing
5.113/1/21Final Estimates Documents
5.127/7/20Final "As-Built" Plans Process
5.135/7/19Computation Books
5.147/16/19Field Records
5.154/20/21Final Measurements
5.165/16/18Earthwork Notes & Documentation
Chapter 6 contract payments
Chapter 6 TOC Table of Contents
6.11/27/20/Maintenance of Traffic Unpaid Bills Processing
6.22/25/20Alternative Contracts
Chapter 7 Contract Modifications
Chapter 7 TOC5/15/08Table of Contents
7.1 Contractor's Past Performance Report
7.26/3/2020Time Extensions
7.310/28/19Supplemental Agreements & Unilateral Payments
Post Award Plans and Contract Changes
7.48/15/19Contingency Supplemental Agreements, Work Orders/Field Supplemental Agreements
7.54/15/20Construction Contract Claims
7.612/7/17 Contracting For Governor Declared Emergencies
7.77/11/19Payment of Recovery of Property Damage Costs
Chapter 8 administrative requirements
Chapter 8 TOC5/11/09Table of Contents
8.27/30/20Environmental Permit Compliance
8.32/5/21Operation Within Railroad Right-of-Way
8.47/15/20Shop & Erection Drawing Process
8.51/27/20Contract Delinquency
8.62/11/20Contract Default
8.72/11/20Contractor Non-Responsibility For Construction Contract
8.84/13/10State Arbitration Board
8.93/9/20Contract Termination
8.105/16/18Noise & Vibration Abatement
8.115/7/20Contractor Initiated Submittals
8.128/20/20Locally Funded Agreements
8.136/25/20Pipe Inspection, Evaluation & Repair
8.146/25/20Value Added Features
Chapter 9 Maintenance of traffic
Chapter 9 TOC Table of Contents
9.19/30/20Maintenance of Traffic (MOT)
9.2 Work Zone Regulatory Speeds (Deleted)
9.36/5/18Work Zone Traffic Incident Evaluation and Reporting
Chapter 10 Structures
Chapter 10 TOC5/1109Table of Contents
10.13/27/20Piles Pile Lengths
10.28/11/20Straight-edging and Correction of Surface Deficiencies on Last Asphalt Layer Prior to the Friction Course  Prestressed/Precast Concrete Components
10.36/3/20Concrete Construction Rejection of Asphalt Mix Based on Temperature
10.48/21/18Coatings Paint & Asbestos Removal, Handling & Disposal & Structural Steel Coating Issues
10.54/8/20Drilled Shafts
10.67/15/20Mass Concrete Underwater Bridge Construction Inspection
10.76/19/20Post Tensioned Bridges
10.84/27/20Auger Cast Piles
10.96/19/20Structural Steel & Miscellaneous Metal Components
10.104/30/20Bridge Construction Issues
10.118/7/20General Structures Construction Issues
10.124/27/20Foundations on Design-Build Projects
Chapter 11 TOC9/3/13Table of Contents
11.18/15/19Asphalt LOT Documentation
11.24/9/21Asphalt Mix Temperature Control
Density Earthwork Inspection Training Program
11.59/11/19Testing & Correcting Asphalt Pavement Surface Deficiencies
11.64/25/19Documentation for Multi-Fin Projects, Under One Contract
11.74/25/19Asphalt Construction Information for CQC Specifications
11.96/13/19Salvage of Materials
Chapter 12 Project Closeout
Chapter 12 TOC Table of Contents
12.12/26/21Project Acceptance
Chapter 13 Performance Ratings
Chapter 13 TOC Table of Contents
13.13/10/21Contractor's Past Performance Rating
13.27/14/20Constructability Grades
13.34/21/21Contractor Survey