Office of Comptroller


Robin M. Naitove, CPA


The FDOT Office of Comptroller consists of four offices:

  • General Accounting
  • The General Accounting Office (GAO) is responsible for the Department’s financial reporting in accordance with GAAP, accounts receivable, administering the Locally Funded Agreement receivables and various SIB grants, control, depositing and accounting of revenue collections, daily management of cash and investments, property accounting and related insurance programs covering property, review/approval/safekeeping of Letters of Credit/cash bonds, and administering bond-related financing programs. In addition, GAO is responsible for oversight of the cost accounting function and the administration of federal billings and reimbursement for federally funded transportation projects with the Federal Highway Administration.

  • Financial Management
  • The Financial Management Office is responsible for the development of the Department’s monthly cash forecast and providing subject matter expertise and oversight for the Work Program Integration Initiative (WPII) and the Florida PALM project. In addition, the staff provides reporting and inquiry support for the Department’s actual commitments and offers technical advice for the Office of Comptroller owned computer systems and related interfaces.

  • Disbursement Operations
  • The Disbursement Operations Office administers and manages DOT's disbursement process and information.

  • Project Finance
  • The Project Finance Office provides strategic financial solutions, analysis and reporting
    that ensures the advancement of transportation projects and consistency and
    accountability for the Department.