FDOT2021 C3D & AutoCAD State Kit (version 01.02.00)
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 Filename Description Posted
 Civil 3D Installation 
Installation GuideInstructions for installing the FDOT2021 Civil 3D CADD Software.07/15/2021
Release NotesA compiled list of updates made to the FDOT2021 Civil 3D CADD Software.07/15/2021
FDOT2021 C3D  This is the install file for the first release of the FDOT2021 Civil 3D State kit Software.07/15/2021
 AutoCAD Only Installation 
Installation Guide (AutoCAD Only) Instructions for installing the FDOT2021 AutoCAD CADD Software, along with explanations about the available resources and applications.07/15/2021
FDOT2021 (AutoCAD Only)  This install is the same as the FDOT2021 C3D Release; only scaled down to run on a standalone version of AutoCAD.

Note: Do NOT install this on a Autodesk Civil 3D machine as the registry locations are different.

Current Supported Versions