FDOTSS4 CADD Software (version 01.10.00)
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 Filename  Description  Posted
Maintenance Release 10
Installation Guide  FDOTSS4 CADD Software installation guide. 04/02/2019
Installation Instructions MR10  Instructions for installing the FDOTSS4 MR10 CADD Software. 04/02/2019
Release Notes This gives detailed information on what was updated in this release. 04/02/2019
Client  This FDOTSS4 Client Installer is used to install the FDOTSS4 Client software on computers used in a Client environment. 04/02/2019
Server  This FDOTSS4 Server Installer is used to install the FDOTSS4 server directory used by the FDOTSS4 Client software. 04/02/2019
Server Update This update should only be applied to servers, that have been previously upgraded  to any  FDOTSS4 releases; between versions  01.01.00 to 01.09.00. 04/04/2019
Workstation  This FDOTSS4 Workstation Installer is used to install the FDOTSS4 software on stand-alone workstations, such as laptops. 04/02/2019