Data Matrices

The Florida Highway Safety Data Matrices were designed to provide traffic safety planners an objective, data-driven tool to rank traffic safety projects. Both counties and cities are divided into three population groups. The numbers in each matrix represents where counties or cities rank within their population group in a particular program area, with "1" representing the highest crash rate. The top 25% is highlighted in each population group by program area.

For additional information, please see the Highway Safety Matrix Information Sheet.


(October 1, 2023 – September 30, 2024)




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Financial Forms

All or some of the forms listed below shall be used when submitting requests for reimbursement depending on what costs were incurred.

For information on how to complete each financial reimbursement form, please se the following guides:

Subgrant Reimbursement Guide – For ENFORCEMENT SUBGRANTS

Subgrant Reimbursement Guide – For Statewide Project Subgrants

Email Reimbursement Claims to:

The official FDOT Safety Office Invoice email is . Only claims submitted to this location will be considered for reimbursement. All email submissions will receive a confirmation within two (2) business days of receipt. (If you have not received a confirmation of receipt after two (2) business days, your claim was not received)

Emailed claims are to be submitted in the same format as previously mailed claims. All FDOT required forms, invoices, and proof of payment should be included and organized in the same order as listed on the FDOT forms and combined into one PDF document for submission to the official invoice email.  Claims submitted as multiple PDF attachments will be returned and must be resubmitted in accordance with the guidelines above.

If your one PDF file is too large to send via your email server, you will need to send an email to  requesting a link to our file transfer appliance that will allow submission of your one large PDF file.

Activity Reports

Activity Report Instructions

Other Forms

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