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Transit Operations and Safety

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Ed Coven, State Transit Manager

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Links to Rule 14.90, Florida Administrative Code and the amended Medical Certification Form, 725-030-011, are provided below.  For questions or concerns pertaining to the rule itself please contact Victor Wiley, Transit Safety Program Manager at 850-414-4525 or at victor.wiley@dot.state.fl.us.


Medical Examination Report for Bus Transit Driver in Adobe Format:  This Form Is in Effect on 16 September 2010


Medical Examination Report for Bus Transit Driver in Word Format:  This Form Is in Effect on 16 September 2010  If you see a popup box hit the cancel button and then save report form to your computer.


Transit Operations and Safety Functions of the Transit Operations Section

  1. Provide management, coordination and direction to the State Fleet Leasing Program.   Develop procedures for leasing and accountability of equipment.

  2. Provide technical assistance to transit systems and district offices on equipment leases, operating requirements, equipment procurement specifications, and modifications.

  3. Provide technical assistance, management and coordination for the Statewide Mechanic's Training Program for transit system employees.

  4. Establish guidelines and criteria for implementation and compliance with safety program procedures and regulations.

  5. Coordinate, develop and implement bus transit and fixed guideway transportation system safety programs pursuant to state statute and Federal regulations.

  6. Develop and adopt implementation procedures for the transit safety program.

  7. Develop and implement a statewide safety review program for bus and fixed guideway transit systems.

  8. Develop maintenance inspection and repair procedures for use by transit systems. Perform on-site inspections of vehicles to ensure compliance with proper maintenance procedures and contractual agreements.

  9. Coordinate and implement a statewide vehicle procurement program to assist transit agencies in acquiring transit vehicles of high quality at lower costs.

  10. Provide technical assistance to transit systems on maintenance and safety matters relating to the purchase and operation of vehicles.

  11. Research and identify existing training, technical assistance, and education programs which may be utilized by the Department and transit agencies.

  12. Provide support and technical assistance to transit agencies on transit vehicle procurement issues and compliance with state and federal requirements.

  13. Develop and implement research activities related to transit vehicles, safety programs and facilities and equipment in support of district and transit agency needs.

  14. Coordinate, develop and implement federal regulations regarding drug and alcohol testing requirements for transit agencies.

  15. Coordinate, develop and implement a statewide contract to provide drug and alcohol testing services and technical assistance to transit agencies for compliance with federal regulations.

  16. Act as the Department's representative in matters relating to transit operations and provide liaison to the Florida Transit Association on technical and operational issues.

  17. Propose, review and analyze state and federal legislation pertaining to transit operational matters.