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Grants Administration

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Ed Coven, State Transit Manager

Grant Administration and Commuter Assistance Section Links


Grants Administration - This link take you to grants awarded, grant application manuals, Federal Circulars and Title VI.


Commuter Assistance Program - This link opens a new window showing a new site.


Florida Rural Transit Assistance Program - This link is to the Florida RTAP that is part of a Federal Transit Administration initiative to improve rural transit service.

Functions of the Grant Administration and Commuter Assistance Section

  1. Develop a grant application manual for federal programs providing funds for transportation services under the Federal Transit Administration's (FTA) Sections 5305(d), 5310, 5311 and 5339 Programs.

  2. Prepare and submit statewide applications for FTA Sections 5305(d), 5313(b), 5310, 5311 and 5339 Programs. Maintain liaison with federal government agencies regarding transit programs and issues. Prepare required reports.

  3. Prepare the allocations of Governor Apportionment funds for urbanized areas under 200,000 in population.

  4. Administer and manage innovative finance grants from the FTA.

  5. Develop guidelines and administer the Service Development and the Public Transit Block Grant Program.

  6. Prepare procedures and policies for Department adoption and implementation as required.

  7. Monitor and ensure compliance by District Offices with established state and federal policies, procedures and guidelines.

  8. Research and provide guidance to local transit systems on available innovative financing methods and techniques.

  9. Administer the Rural Transit Assistance Program and coordinate program training, technical assistance, and education activities with the Commission for Transportation Disadvantaged, Florida Association of Coordinated Transportation Systems, and rural transportation operators to ensure programs are meeting the needs of local systems.

  10. Provide support and technical assistance in the development of policy and legislation for the Office and the State Public Transportation Administrator.

  11. Review and report on proposed and adopted state and federal legislation related to public transportation.

  12. Develop and implement training, technical assistance, and education programs in support of Welfare to Work and the WAGES Program, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rural Transit Assistance Program, Section 5310, and other significant areas.

  13. Review and process requests for the use of Toll Revenue Credits for use on transit capital projects and maintain the balance of those credits.

  14. Serve as support to the State Public Transportation Administrator on issues related to the federal Welfare to Work initiative and the State of Florida WAGES Program.

  15. Provide ongoing technical assistance and training to district transit staff and our subrecipients on issues related to the Federal Transit Act and related guidelines, circulars, and technical memos, and the Transportation Equity Act of the 21st Century.

  16. Provide ongoing technical assistance and training to district transit staff and recipients on issues related to state transit grant programs including the Service Development and Block Grant Programs.

  17. Coordinate the distribution of funds for transit corridor, transportation demand management and park-n-ride programs to the districts based on need.             

  18. Provide training in transportation demand management to District and local agency staff.

  19. Coordinate the distribution of funds for park-n-ride based on need.

  20. Coordinate the distribution of funds for FTA Section 5305(d) funds and provide technical support to the Districts in the administration of the funds.

  21. Function as a liaison to FTA in the administration of Section 5305(d) funds.

Commuter Assistance Program  This hyperlink is a bridge to Florida Commuter Services.  This will link you to various commuter assistance programs throughout Florida.