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Public Transit Office

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Transit Planning and Policy

Public Transit Office

Ed Coven, State Transit Manager

This functional area includes technical guidance regarding transit legislation and rules, transit oriented development, performance monitoring and the preparation of State of Florida required Transit Development Plans (TDPs).  Additionally, this section contains a copy of Transit 2020:  A Strategic Plan for Florida, Executive Summary, and a link to the Florida Transit Professionals Network (FTPN) for transit agency information, a members listserv, and professional networking opportunities.



A National Synthesis of Transit and Complete Street Practices


Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Florida Transportation Plan


Rule 14-73.001 Public Transit - TDPs


TDP Guidance


District TDP Review Guidance


TDP Financial Tool


2016 Transit Concept and Alternative Review (TCAR) Guidance


Promoting Joint Development in Florida: Final Report, 9 January 2014


Transit Oriented Development in Florida


Making Tracks: A Primer for Implementing Transit Fixed Guideway Projects


TransValU Tool: A tool for comparing the relative benefits and costs of multiple project alternatives