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Thanks to everyone, for the great compliments to our program. This is the kind of feedback that make it all worthwhile.

Road Rangers Statewide Program Manager

Road Rangers

Open Envelope March 2014

Today (3-13-14), we were assisted by Brent Jenkins on I-75. He made sure my wife was kept warm a chilly morning. He was calming and reassuring. He went above and beyond. I left a bag of personnel items by accident in his vehicle. On his own time and initiative returned the property to my home. His above and beyond is noteworthy and gives credit to you and the state for having this program.
Philip S

Open Envelope February 2014

This man was simply phenomenal! Friendly and helpful; he took care of my shredded tire in under 10 minutes, changed it and had me back on the road in no time! He made me feel at ease and was so personable! A great guy! Thank you!

This is a great service. We would have missed our flight if it wasn’t for their help. Wish Indiana had this.

Extremely helpful. I panicked at the top of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Road Ranger called for help and got me and my wife across the bridge. Thank you very much.

Open Envelope January 2014

I just wanted to say that I am so thankful for the Road Rangers. I was driving my 5 year old son and I home from Tampa to Sarasota when my tire blew. I had been pulled over for just a minute when along came Roger the Road Ranger! He was polite, informative, and very efficient! He changed my tire and had me on my way. I am so thankful for this program - I didn't know it existed!

Thanks again!
L. Nickelson

Open Envelope November 2013

Mr. Rodriguez quickly pushed my truck out of rush hour traffic to a safe spot on the side of the road. I am forever grateful. Thank you.

We got a flat tire on the Florida Turnpike heading North. The State Farm Road Ranger, I feel, saved our lives. It was raining and slippery! He changed our tire and my kids were safe!

Open Envelope October 2013

The service provided by Steve was outstanding. As a retired FHP Trooper, I know this saves lives. Thank you!

Darren was a very nice Road Ranger that helped me keep calm until my parents could arrive to come and get me. He was a fantastic man. He was like a hero to me. Thank you Darren.

Open Envelope September 2013

What a blessing this service was. I ran out of gas on I-75 around 6 PM and my husband works in Orlando. I was starting to panic when I saw the Road Ranger in my mirror. Thank you!

Open Envelope August 2013

We are a group of friends from Italy and I'm writing on behalf of all to express our infinite gratitude to the Road Ranger who assisted us on I-75 Port Charlotte on the 14th of August 2013.

We were spending a memorable holiday touring Florida and on that day were driving toward St. Petersburg, when suddenly a tire blew out. It could have been a very serious problem but we didn't even have time to worry over it as immediately after we pulled over, a Road Ranger (I think his name's Robert) showed up. He was like a guardian angel to us! He changed the flat tire in no time, called the rental company to solve our problem and made everything possible so we would safely be back on our car and go on with our journey.

God bless him a thousand times and bless Americans for being such friendly, helpful and generous people. I count my days when I'll have the chance to visit again your great country.

Our kindest regards and most heartfelt thanks.


Open Envelope July 2013

Thanks so much to Scott in District 5. Stranded on I-4 with a flat tire on July 30. Before we had time to panic, Scott pulled up behind us to render assistance. He quickly changed our tire and even offered me a cold water. Thanks so much for your help. Makes me proud to be a Florida resident. We are so grateful. Thank you Scott, our guardian angel.

Sincerely, Carolyn J.

Open Envelope April 2013

A few weeks ago on one of the colder mornings, my tire went completely flat on the way to work before the sun had even risen. I was alone on a very busy northbound I-95 (just before Griffin road) and was trying to call my insurance for roadside assistance. Before I could even get a hold of them a Road Ranger truck pulled up behind me.

Cinque (sp?) was my angel that morning, out there in the dark & cold putting on my spare tire. I felt bad that I didn't even have any cash to give him a tip, but he told me it was fine... That it's a free service.

What a blessing... I am thankful that I was safe and able to move my car off the dangerous highway so quickly (it would have been a long time before anyone else could come). Thank you for offering this service and thank you to him for having such a kind heart to labor & help people (please give him a raise if possible!) It is reassuring to know that there are people like him looking out for us & trying to keep people safe on the highways...

Caitlin L.

Open EnvelopeMarch 2013

This is a great service. I would have been stuck on I-75 for hours without this help.
I am 75 and don't have the strength to change a tire on a van. In addition, my cell phone had a low battery and I could not make a call. Thanks for this service.

What a pleasant surprise. You and your Ranger get my highest Thank you for your outstanding service. I will tell all my friends and fellow drivers about you!

Open Envelope January 2013

I do not know the name of the road ranger who assisted me on 75 today yet I cannot say enough. The ranger was professional, caring, and helpful. He made me feel safe the minute he pulled up. He fixed my car fast and got me back on the road safe. Thank you!

Open Envelope December 2012

I didn't even have to call. He was there in 3 minutes. He was very nice and helpful! Thank you so, so much.

Open Envelope November 2012

Very helpful in time of need, would have missed a very important appointment if it was not for this service. Very Thankful.
Thank you, because I was stranded with 2 children and no phone.

Open Envelope October 2012

We were very impressed with the Road Ranger service and wish we had it in our state of Wisconsin. Mr. Roberts was extremely kind and helpful a in a situation that was quite stressful for us until he came to help.
Thank you!

Open Envelope September 2012

I was assisted by a road ranger around 6pm on I4 in between Orange City & Deltona this evening. I ran out of gas (which I've never done before) on the way to pickup my mom at OIA in her vehicle, that apparently has a broken gas gauge & burnt out warning light. Fortunately I'd gotten hold of my husband, he was 2 hours away with my little boy. He told me he'd bring gas but it would be awhile.

That's when the ranger pulled up & asked what was wrong. He told me to tell my husband to stand by (just in case) & gave me enough gas to get to the next exit. Just like that, I was on my way.

I am still astounded. I was totally unaware of this service & it absolutely made a potentially hazardous/harmful & stressful incident disappear within minutes. THANK YOU!!! I truly appreciate such a positive program. The ranger was my hero, please thank him for me!

Ann ~ Volusia County

Open Envelope August 2012

Unfortunately, I had the opportunity to need the services of the Road Rangers today. While traveling east bound on I-4 at exit 44 (Auburndale), the rental car I was driving experienced a blow out of the front passenger tire. There was some scary moments for my son and I while I tried to get to the side of the road safely.

I have to admit my dad never taught me how to change a tire when I was learning to drive, so I was not confident that I knew what I should do. While I was on the side of the road trying to find a solution to my problem, I looked in my rearview mirror and saw the words Road Rangers. It was truly a great sight!

Unfortunately, I was a whole lot of wrapped up in my dilemma and failed to get the gentleman's name. He was wonderful. He quickly changed the tire and we were on our way to the airport.

I can't say enough great things about the person who helped me today nor the service itself. Thank you for coming to my aid today!

Amy P.

Open Envelope May 2012

Always thought program was a good idea, now I think it's a Great idea. Thank you!!

District 5 Comment Card

What a lifesaver! New to the area and had no one to call! Thank you!

District 2 Comment Card from Julie

Open Envelope April 2012

While traveling from Punta Gorda to The Villages my wife and I were north bound on I-75 when we had a flat tire at the Brandon exit. We were scheduled for an appointment in The Villages and this was going to make us very late. No sooner had we stopped in the emergency lane with our flashers on when Road Ranger Dwight Wooten pulled up behind us. He had us back underway in short order. He was very professional and was a great representative of the State DOT . This is a great program.

Bob H.
Punta Gorda, Florida

On Friday, April 13, 2012, Diane and I were coming back from Tampa to our office in Orlando when we had a flat tire in the state car. Our receptionist called the Road Rangers in our office who transferred the call to your district. While we waited, a truck driver stopped to change the tire for us. He commented on the low pressure of the "donut" tire. Luckily Don Gulla of the Road Rangers answered a call to help us. Don said the tire pressure was so low we would not have made it to the next exit to get air. He was able to add the air and send us on the way.

Both Diane and I want you to know how helpful and courteous Mr. Gulla was and that we really appreciate the work that he does. You never know these days who might stop while a person is stranded on the road. Please pass this thank you onto Mr. Gulla and let him know how thankful we are that he came to our rescue as the donut would probably have blown and we could have been hurt.

Karen A.
Orlando, Florida

Open Envelope November 2011

This gentleman, at great risk to himself considering I-4 traffic flow in rush hour, came to my rescue and was courteous, kind, efficient and very helpful. Thanks so much.

District 5 Comment Card

I was so happy when Freddy stopped and offered assistance. I thought State Farm SP was for State Farm customers. Freddy was wonderful, courteous and quick.

Florida's Turnpike Comment Card

Open Envelope October 2011

I am 7 months pregnant and had no one to help change a tire. I am very grateful for your service and the guy who helped was sooo nice! Thanks!

District 2 Road Ranger Comment Card

Being alone with my little dog, needless to say I was a bit of a nervous wreck until help arrived. Thank God for the Road Rangers.

District 1 Road Ranger Comment Card

Open Envelope September 2011

I never had a flat tire before. I had no idea what to do. Operator kept me calm and quickly fixed the problem. Awesome job!

District 7 Road Ranger Comment Card

He was a lifesaver!! I was traveling by myself with my 8 month old. What a wonderful service.

District 3 Road Ranger Comment Card

Open Envelope August 2011

What a wonderful service. I'm from England, this is no surprise that this wonderful country offers such help and safety.

District 6 Road Ranger Comment Card

Open Envelope August 2011


what a wonderful service. I'm from England, this is no surprise that this wonderful country offers such help and safety.

District 4 Road Ranger Comment Card

Open Envelope July 2011


I just wanted to thank the three men from the Florida Road Rangers that came to my rescue today in Miami. I ran out of gas on I-95 The first road ranger was there within minutes, he gave me gas, since he was on the other side of the highway, he called for another to come and tow me since my battery was dead. Two more rangers showed up and towed me and jump started my car. I can't thank them enough. It was a very dangerous situation, since it was almost high traffic commuter rush hour and the cars were flying by me. Thanks again for saving my day!

K. Reed

Open Envelope May 2011

Good Morning!

I had such a wonderful experience Saturday morning, May 28th, when my car broke down on I-75 North on my way to a Convention with friends. Road Ranger #412 stopped, assessed the situation, and got me back on the road quickly and safely. I called him my Road Ranger Angel and although I do not know his name, want to say THANK YOU for doing his job with genuine kindness and concern.

Grateful Floridian,
Eve S.

Open Envelope April 2011

Thank goodness for the Road Ranger Service Patrol . I was stuck this AM on the Florida Turnpike and a Road Ranger (AKA Angel of Mercy) came to my rescue without me even calling. I was not aware of this wonderful service. I am so grateful and can't thank the Road Ranger Service Patrol and the wonderful gentleman who helped me enough.

Many thanks, B. Golden

Open Envelope March 2011

Just wanted to send a thank you email for the help I received from a Road Ranger last Thursday (3/24/11). I had a tire blowout on my boat trailer at I-95 NB right before Exit 131 (Orange ave). The Road Ranger had wood blocks and all the correct tools to complete the tire change very quickly and safely. Once again, I'd like to thank you for this service and hope that Florida continues this program for many years to come.

Open Envelope February 2011

Stranded in the middle of the highway was cause for great anxiety (that someone might plough into the vehicle)
then came the Road Ranger he had my back.
Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

Open Envelope January 2011

Dangerous spot. he came and got me out in less than 5 minutes, Thanks!

This is a fabulous use of tax dollars. My boat trailer bounced off of the hitch. Jose helped reattach it on a very busy stretch of I-4 in downtown Orlando. He was simply awesome and incredibly courteous.
Thanks to him.

We had stopped between call boxes. Operator was alerted because our situation was picked up on a camera. Congratulations to FDOT on a very efficient system. My wife says she would give the operator a 20 on a scale of 10!

Open Envelope December 2010

The Road Ranger found me within 3 minutes of the problem. He was courteous, polite and very efficient.
What a wonderful service.

Armando was my hero that day! I don't know what I would have done! The highway was dangerously busy and I was afraid of strangers helping.
Please keep this service going!

Open Envelope November 2010

He saw me right away. I was relieved. I was on a bridge on I-75 during rush hour. Not safe. He told me just to stay put and he took care of everything. He was very professional.

I was broken down on the top of (the) Skyway and SCARED. He helped me tremendously and put in place multiple safety measures.
Thank you.

The Road Ranger was very helpful and courteous. Thanks for the program. Road Rangers are the best. Keep up the good work.

Open Envelope October 2010

Great job and great service in a dangerous spot on I-275.
Thanks Dan. I really appreciate it.

Showed up & immediately removed the 4x4 (lumber) on 95 that was causing problems with traffic. He then took care of my flat tire, being careful with my vehicle.
He was polite, quick and very professional.
Thanks for being there.

I was driving alone and was involved in a terrifying accident on I-75. Mike was the first to the scene and helped in every way.
I appreciate this service.

Open Envelope September 2010

I was alone with 3 children and he stayed until I was picked up. He was very helpful.
Thanks for having the Road Ranger service.

No gas and a dead cell phone. This service is a blessing.

Excellent customer service, really friendly and helpful. Calmed me down after my accident and made it less stressful for me. A-1.

Open Envelope August 2010

Brent was extremely helpful and kind. It was a very scary place to be and his calm professional manner was much appreciated.

Carlton was extremely helpful and made me feel very safe in an uneasy situation. Thanks.

Open Envelope July 2010

I am very grateful he stopped and helped me. I would have been stuck for hours without him. I can't thank him and the Road Ranger Service Patrol enough.
Thank you!

Awesome service and has made major impact on traffic in clearing roadside issues/debris.

Open Envelope September, 2009

District 5
I just want to start by saying Thank you for offering this free service. Glenn really saved my day! He arrived in less than 10 minutes and had my spare on in 5, all with a smile on his face.
Thank you so much!

District 2
Being a single woman stranded on the highway is never fun. But the service I received from Jeff was wonderful. I was about 1 minute away from having a panic attack from being on the side of the road.
Totally polite, helpful and just great!

Open Envelope August, 2009

District 1
Brent was a godsend. He was there in 2 minutes and was really nice and helpful and made what was an upsetting event (a blowout) turn out better than we expected.

District 5
I left my cell phone on top of my car and didn't realize it until it was too late. Road Ranger saw me looking and stopped to help. Rocco found my phone on I-4!
He was a lifesaver because it's a Blackberry with all my contacts and appointments.

Open Envelope July, 2009

District 4
Mr. Garcia was very knowledgeable and professional. He went beyond the call of duty to calm me and help me as a 58 year old woman traveling alone. Give him a raise!! Mr. Garcia is an excellent example of our tax dollars at work.

Open Envelope April, 2009

District 7
I have never been so happy to see a stranger. Happy - Friendly - Courteous - Professional - All describe this gentleman.
I was so nervous and scared. Thank God for this program. Please keep it going.

District 1
This man was fantastic, very friendly and courteous. He was my angel that day! He made my Good Friday "Good." Thank you so much!

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