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Frequently Asked Questions

Road Ranger on the Scene

For Road Ranger assistance dial *347 (FHP)

Road Rangers - A FREE SERVICE provided by the Florida Department of Transportation

Answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about the Road Ranger Mission:

How do I request Road Ranger services?
To request a Road Ranger, please dial *347 (FHP) on your cell phone. Please note that Road Ranger service availability varies throughout the state.
Click here for the current Road Ranger service availability

What do the Road Rangers do?
The Road Rangers trucks continuously rove the expressways in the service area looking for stranded motorists, debris on the road, traffic accidents or other incidents. The Road Rangers assist in these situations to help motorists and ultimately keep traffic moving.

How much does the service cost motorists?
Motorists are not charged for the service. Also, while motorists are being assisted, they can make up to two local phone calls for free.

Can I call them if I need help when I am stranded?
No, but during operating hours, they should be able to locate you within 15 to 30 minutes unless they are detained because of an emergency situation such as a crash. When stranded along the highway, stay inside your vehicle and wait for help to arrive. If you have a cell phone, you can dial *FHP for assistance.

What is my responsibility if I am stranded on the expressway?
If your vehicle is blocking a travel lane, Florida law requires that you shall make every effort to move your vehicle so as not to block the regular flow of traffic.

What happens when a repair exceeds the services offered?
The Road Rangers truck will move the disabled vehicle to the nearest safe place, and, at the motorist expense, the FHP will contact another towing service to assist further.

The Road Rangers is a great program. Why haven't I heard about it before?
The Road Rangers program is still fairly new. It was started in 1995 in Broward County and Palm Beach County. Miami-Dade County started the program in 1997. The FDOT, with its partners, has expanded the program as well as efforts to inform the public about it.

For additional information, please contact Shawn Kinney at Shawn.Kinney@dot.state.fl.us