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Traffic Engineering and Operations Office


Transportation Systems Management & Operations

Picture of a Florida Roadway

The Federal Highway Administration defines Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O) as "an integrated program to optimize the performance of existing multimodal infrastructure through implementation of systems, services, and projects to preserve capacity and improve the security, safety, and reliability of our transportation system."

In simpler terms, TSM&O is a program based on measuring performance, actively managing the multimodal transportation network, and delivering positive safety and mobility outcomes to the travelling public in Florida.

With fewer funds available to build our way out of congestion, improving our current roadways has become critical. TSM&O improves mobility for all roadway users through an emphasis on real-time active management and operation of the existing transportation system. TSM&O partners are comprised of public and private agencies throughout transportation, partnered together as one cohesive entity to make cost-effective investment decisions. This cohesiveness serves to improve communications, coordination, and collaboration amongst transportation partners leading to more effective leveraging of existing infrastructure.

Realizing the potential benefits of adopting this program, on May 20, 2010, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Executive Board endorsed the working definition of TSM&O, the TSM&O Business Plan, and the outline of a Strategic Plan.

The application of TSM&O has the potential of positively affecting many different areas and programs within the FDOT. Areas such as work zone management, freight management, freeway and arterial management, and transit operations and management stand to benefit from this program.