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Every Day Counts - Prefabricated Bridge Elements & Systems (EDC-PBES)

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Structures Design - Transportation Innovation

Every Day Counts - Prefabricated Bridge Elements & Systems (EDC-PBES)

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EDC-PBES Website
Design Criteria
Implementation Plan
Usage Restrictions / Parameters


The FHWA has deployed a new initiative, entitled "Every Day Counts," which is intended to highlight some advantages of accelerated project delivery. Both the FHWA and FDOT support the use of accelerated project delivery techniques such as precast/prefabricated bridge elements and systems as an economical way to increase quality, reduce costs and construction time, and support safety. Use of these innovative concepts aids in solving many constructability challenges, while potentially revolutionizing bridge construction in the United States.

Prefabricated bridge elements have been in use for many years when the situation demanded specialized details and construction methods due to unique site limitations. This same approach can be used to minimize the impact to the travelling public by reducing construction time. Investigating the use of prefabricated elements versus conventional construction helps determine the best balance between direct and indirect costs while delivering the bridge project in a timely manner and minimizing impact to the traveling public.

EDC-PBES offers:

  • time and cost savings
  • reduced user impacts
  • safety advantages
  • economical designs utilizing shored construction and composite sections
  • convenience for travelers due to shorter construction duration and minimized traffic disruption

EDC-PBES Website

The Structures Design Office has created an EDC-PBES website with designer tools such as:

  • Training EDC case studies to demonstrate:
    • typical factors influencing which bridge components may be prefabricated based on project constraints
    • precast bridge direct cost and indirect cost estimating methods
  • Useful links to PBES reference documents
  • Related Documents to be published on the EDC website in the near future:
    • FDOT preferred connection details for precast construction
    • Precast bent cap standards
    • Local bridge PBES standards will be developed if desired by local agencies

Visit the website at: http://www.fdot.gov/structures/edc/

Design Criteria

FDOT PPM Volume 1 Section – Currently requires designers to:

Investigate the use of either partial or full precast bridge alternate(s) with the specific purpose of accelerating bridge construction and reducing user impacts.

Implementation Plan

Valid on all Design-Bid-Build projects per Structures Design Bulletin 12-07.  Use on Design Build projects is highly encouraged and subject to project scope demands.

Usage Restrictions / Parameters

These topics are discussed within the case studies presented on the EDC-PBES website.

Contact Information

Tom Andres, P.E.
Asst. State Structures Design Engineer
Phone: (850) 414-4269
e-mail: Thomas.Andres@dot.state.fl.us