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Roadway Design

Mary Anne Koos

Special Projects Coordinator

(850) 414-4321

Email: Maryanne.Koos@dot.state.fl.us

Quality Assurance Team

(Left to Right)

Dean Perkins, RA, CPM

ADA Coordinator/Rest Area Program Mgr.

(850) 414-4359

Email: Dean.Perkins@dot.state.fl.us

James Frimmel

Quality Assurance Specialist

(850) 414-4317

Email: James.Frimmel@dot.state.fl.us

Jeremy Fletcher, P.E., P.S.M.

Quality Assurance Administrator

(850) 414-4320

Email: Jeremy.Fletcher@dot.state.fl.us

Brad Bradley, P.E.

Quality Assurance Engineer

(850) 414-4295

Email: Brad.Bradley@dot.state.fl.us