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Roadway Design

Roadway Design / Drainage / Manuals and Handbooks

Manuals and Handbooks


Drainage Manual (CURRENT)

File Name Description  Date
2017Jan-DMTransmittal.pdf January 2017 Drainage Manual Revision Transmittal 11/2/16
DrainageManual.pdf January 2017 Drainage Manual New Manual 11/2/16

Drainage Manual (HISTORICAL)

2016Jan-DMTransmittal.pdf January 2016 Drainage Manual Revision Transmittal 12/10/15
2016Jan-DrainageManual.pdf January 2016 Drainage Manual 12/10/15
2015Jan-DMTransmittal.pdf January 2015 Drainage Manual Revision Transmittal 12/18/14
2015Jan-DrainageManual.pdf January 2015 Drainage Manual 12/18/14
2014Jan-DMTransmittal.pdf January 2014 Drainage Manual Revision Transmittal 1/1/14
2014Jan-DrainageManual.pdf January 2014 Drainage Manual 1/1/14
2013July-DMTransmittal.pdf July 2013 Drainage Manual Revision Transmittal 6/20/13
2013Jul-DrainageManual.pdf July 2013 Drainage Manual 6/20/13
2013Jan-DMTransmittal.pdf January 2013 Drainage Manual Revision Transmittal 1/2/13
2013Jan-DrainageManual.pdf January 2013 Drainage Manual 1/2/13
2012DMTransmittal.pdf 2012 Drainage Manual Revision Transmittal 2/29/12
2012DrainageManual.pdf 2012 Drainage Manual 2/29/12
2010DMTransmittal.pdf 2010 Drainage Manual Revision Transmittal 4/22/10
2010DrainageManual.pdf 2010 Drainage Manual 1/1/10
2009DMTransmittal.pdf 2009 Drainage Manual Revision Transmittal 2/19/09
2009DrainageManual.pdf 2009 Drainage Manual 2/19/09
2008DrainageManual.pdf 2008 Drainage Manual 1/1/08


BridgeHydraulicsHB.pdf Bridge Hydraulics Handbook - Guidance for the hydraulic analysis and design of bridges, including scour - 10mb size 7/26/12
StormDrainHB.pdf Storm Drain Handbook - Used for the design of urban drainage systems - 2.1mb size 2/29/12
StormDrainHBTransmittal.pdf Storm Drain Handbook Revision Transmittal 2/29/12
EXFILTRATIONHB.pdf Exfiltration Systems Handbook - Exfiltration Trenches and Deep Wells - 2.5mb size 2/29/12
ExfiltrationHBTransmittal.pdf Exfiltration Systems Handbook Revision Transmittal 2/29/12
HydrologyHB.pdf Hydrology Handbook - Hydrologic analysis of Storm Drains, Cross Drains and Stormwater Management - 1.4mb size 2/29/12
HydrologyHBTransmittal.pdf Hydrology Handbook Revision Transmittal 2/29/12
Opt-Pipe-HB.pdf Optional Pipe Materials Handbook - Provides guidance for the evaluation of optional materials - 1.3mb size 8/12/14
Opt-Pipe-HBTransmittal.pdf Optional Pipe Materials Handbook Revision Transmittal  8/12/14
DrConnPermitHB.pdf Drainage handbook for the preparation of Drainage Connection (14-86) permit application package - 2mb size 7/29/10
OpenChannelHB.pdf Open Channel Handbook - For the design of roadside ditches - 3.4mb size 11/1/09
Erosion-Sediment-Control.pdf Erosion and Sediment Control Manual - 90mb size - 2010 Version; Effective June 2007: Last Update July 2013 7/1/13
StmWtrMgmtFacHB.pdf Stormwater Management Facility Handbook - This is the same version first printed in January 1999 - 1.3mb size 5/17/04
CulvertHB.pdf Culvert Handbook - Information on culvert design extracted from the Cross Drain Handbook originally published in August 1996 - 2.4mb size 4/12/04
TempHandbook.pdf Temporary Drainage Handbook 11/01/13

Design Aids

Stormwater Quality Applicants Handbook Environmental Resource Permit Stormwater Quality Applicant's Handbook

Note** March 17, 2010 DRAFT version

CSLE-2015.zip Culvert Service Life Estimator - V5.1.3.3 (January 2015)  1/29/15
Hydroplaning.zip Hydroplaning Tools   (424mb zip file size)

Note** If you experience issues with the installation of this application, please contact the Drainage Office at (850) 414-4310

sdtab2008.pdf Storm Drain Tabulation Form    7/1/08
IDFCurves.pdf Drainage Manual - IDF Curves and Rainfall Distributions 12/10/15
Geopak-Guide.pdf GEOPAK Drainage Course Guide/Users Manual (Link to PDF File) DIRECT LINK
Hydraulic Calculator Hydraulic Calculator for Pipe Flow

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ScourProgram.xls Complex Pier Procedure Program  DIRECT LINK

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