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Roadway Design Office Staffing Chart



Michael Shepard, P.E.

State Roadway Design Engineer

(850) 414-4330

State Roadway Design Engineer

Shawn Trotman

Roadway Design Office Manager

(850) 414-4158

Office Administrative duties: Travel, budget, phones, personnel, surplus, inventory, invoices

Roadway Criteria (Link to website)

Paul Hiers, P.E.

Roadway Design Criteria Administrator

(850) 414-4324

Roadway Criteria Section Leader

DeWayne Carver, AICP

State Complete Streets Program Manager

(850) 414-4322

State Complete Streets Program Manager

Mary O'Brien, AICP, CPH

State Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator

(850) 414-4283

Bicycle-Pedestrian Facilities, Support Statewide Bicycle-Pedestrian Coordinators

David Amato, P.E.

Roadway Design Engineer

(850) 414-4792

Innovative Intersections

Benjamin Gerrell, P.E.

Roadway Design Engineer

(850) 414-4318

Special Projects

Mary Jane Hayden, P.E.

Roadway Design Engineer

(850) 414-4783

FDOT Design Manual (FDM) Manager

Plans Preparation Manual (PPM) Manager

Mariano Amicarelli, E.I.

Design Manual Specialist

(850) 414-4346

FDOT Design Manual (FDM) Specialist

Plans Preparation Manual (PPM) Specialist

James McGinnis, E.I.

Design Manual Specialist

(850) 414-4952

FDOT Design Manual (FDM) Specialist

Plans Preparation Manual (PPM) Specialist

Standard Plans (Link to website)

Gevin McDaniel, P.E.

Roadway Standard Plans Administrator

(850) 414-4284

Standard Plans Section Leader

Richard Stepp, P.E.

Standard Plans Engineer

(850) 414-4313

Standard Plans Special Projects

Ed Cashman, P.E.

Standard Plans Engineer

(850) 414-4314

Temporary Traffic Control - Maintenance of Traffic, Traffic Standards, Lighting, Signalization

Tim Holley, P.E.

Standard Plans Engineer

(850) 414-4117

Standard Plans Publication

Darren Martin

Standard Plans Specialist

(850) 414-4824

Standard Plans Publication - Virtual Implementation CADD Support

Derwood Sheppard, P.E.

Standard Plans Publication Engineer

(850) 414-4334

Standard Plans Publication Engineer

Drainage (Link to website)

Carl Spirio, P.E.

State Drainage Engineer 

(850) 414-4351

Roadway Drainage Section Leader

Catherine Earp, P.E.

Drainage Design Engineer

(850) 414-4171

Drainage Design

Rick Jenkins, P.E.

Drainage Design Engineer

(850) 414-4355

Drainage Design

Pavement Management (Link to website)

Rhonda Taylor, P.E.

State Pavement Design Engineer

(850) 414-4371

Pavement Management, Pavement Design

Patrick Overton, P.E.

Pavement Design Engineer

(850) 414-4348

Pavement Design Engineer


Pavement Management Engineer

(850) 414-xxxx

Pavement Management, Resurfacing Program reviews, Florida Analysis System for Targets (FAST)

Kyle Kroodsma

Pavement Systems Specialist

(850) 414-4372

Pavement Condition Survey publication, Pavement Management database, on-line reports

Quality Assurance (Link to website)

Jeremy Fletcher, P.E. , P.S.M.

Quality Assurance Administrator

(850) 414-4320

Design Exceptions, Quality Assurance Reviews and Community Aesthetic Features

Mary Anne Koos

Special Projects Coordinator

(850) 414-4321

Florida Greenbook, Quality Assurance Reviews, Training and Community Aesthetic team support

Brad Bradley, P.E.

Quality Assurance Engineer

(850) 414-4295

Design Exceptions, Quality Assurance Reviews

Dean Perkins, RA, CPM

ADA Coordinator/Rest Area Program Mgr.

(850) 414-4359

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator, Rest Area Program Manager

James Frimmel

Quality Assurance Specialist

(850) 414-4317

Design Exceptions, Community Aesthetic Features and Submittal Tracking