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Right of Way

Right of Way / Documents and Publications

Documents and Publications

Picture of a Florida Roadway
The following Right of Way documents and publications are available:

Program Area Document Format/Size
Acquisition Acquisition Process Pamphlet – English/Spanish pdf, 566kb
Acquisition Business Damages Process Pamphlet – English/Spanish pdf, 424kb
Outdoor Advertising A Guide to Outdoor Advertising in Florida pdf, 10kb
Outdoor Advertising Certification of Tag Posting pdf, 45kb
Outdoor Advertising Encroachment Brochure pdf, 290kb
Outdoor Advertising Florida/Federal/State Agreement pdf, 663kb
Outdoor Advertising License Application pdf, 78kb
Outdoor Advertising Permit Application pdf, 135kb
Outdoor Advertising Checklist for Completed Permit Application pdf, 29kb
Outdoor Advertising Permit Cancellation Certification pdf, 61kb
Outdoor Advertising Permit Tag Replacement Request pdf, 66kb
Outdoor Advertising Permit Transfer Request pdf, 57kb
Relocation Assistance Relocation Business Brochure pdf, 706kb
Relocation Assistance Relocation Mobile Home Brochure pdf, 1987kb
Relocation Assistance Relocation Personal Property Moves Brochure pdf, 800kb
Relocation Assistance Relocation Residential Brochure pdf, 915kb
Relocation Assistance Relocation Sign Brochure pdf, 3082kb
Vegetation Management Vegetation Management Application at Outdoor Advertising Sign pdf, 35kb
Vegetation Management Vegetation Management Permit Renewal pdf, 19kb
Vegetation Management Vegetation Planting Inquiry pdf, 13kb

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