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Innovative Product List (IPL) Index

Program Management

Innovative Product List (IPL) Index

For questions about the IPL, please contact

Karen Byram,
Product Evaluation Administrator
Phone: (850) 414 - 4353
Fax (850) 414 - 4199


The Innovative Products List (IPL) identifies the products under consideration by the Department for project use in conjunction with Developmental Specifications, Developmental Design Standards and/or Draft language in other Department documents. These developmental documents and products have potential use on the State Highway system but need to be evaluated under actual field conditions. You are encouraged to use these products when applicable to your project subject to the following conditions:

  • These lists are not exclusive. You may request consideration for alternative products.
  • The use of any of these developmental or draft documents, IPL products and/or alternative products must be approved by the Monitor.


    Project list may be viewed on the Developmental Specifications or Developmental Design Standards web page.

    Developmental Design Standard Description Monitor Product List
      High Friction Surface Treatment. This work consists of furnishing and applying a high friction surfacing system in accordance with this Section and in conformity with the lines and details shown in the Plans. Charles Holzschuher American Civil Construction West Coast LLC
    DBI Service
    Rhino Services, LLC, Atlanta, GA 30268
      Fiber reinforced Polymer Patching Material
    Repair spalled areas, cracks, corner breaks, potholes, and joints on concrete pavements using a fiber reinforced polymer patching material, bulking aggregates, and final surface aggregates as specified below.
    Tim Ruelke Fibercrete - Concrete Repair
    Crafco, Inc - Concrete Repair
      Installation of Post-Installed Anchor Systems and Dowels for Structural Applications in Concrete Elements. This specification includes the use of Undercut Anchor Systems. Note: Use with Dev937. Steve Nolan Hilti, Inc - HDA-R Undercut Anchors
      Post-Installed Anchor Systems and Dowels for Structural Applications in Concrete Elements. This specification includes the materials for the use of Undercut Anchor Systems. Note: Use with Dev416. Steve Nolan Hilti, Inc - HDA-R Undercut Anchors
    Dev425   Retractable Curb Inlet Screen for use on roadways with a posted speed limit of 40 mph or less. Rick Renna                                                           
    Dev540 IDDS-D450 High Tension Cable Barrier System Derwood Sheppard Trinity - CASS-TL4 Cable Safety System, FDOT Report
    Nucor - NU-CABLE Barrier Systems, FDOT Report
    Brifen - Brifen Wire Rope Fence, FDOT Report
    Gibraltar - Gibraltar Systems, FDOT Report
    Dev548   Retaining Wall Systems - used when Segmental Block MSE Walls (SBW) are allowed. Larry Jones  
    Dev549 IDDS-D6025 Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Abutments and Walls Larry Jones  
    Dev549TW IDDS-D6025 Temporary Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Walls Larry Jones  
    Dev660   Vehicle Detection System - Truck Parking Detection System Elizabeth Birriel Sensit Magnetic and Infrared Vehicle Detection - Sensit Data Collector and Sensors

    Sensys Microwave Radar Vehicle Detection and Access Point Controller Card - Sensys Data Collector and Sensors

    CivicSmart Microwave Radar Vehicle Detection - CivicSmart Sensors
    Dev655   Warning Gate System (WGS) Alan
    Versilis Inc. - Swiftgate
    Dev678DIMS   Traffic Controller Accessories - Data Interface Monitoring System Elizabeth
    Miovision Technologies- Miovision Interface
    Dev688   Road Weather Information System (RWIS) Alan
    Microcom Design, Inc. - XPress Datasheet
    Dev707   Internally Illuminated Raised Pavement Markers Alan
    SolaRight - Model YH-DD1-B
    SolaRight - Model YH-DD2
    Dev930MMA   Materials for Concrete Repair - Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) Polymer Materials Mike Bergin BASF - MasterEmaco S 6000
    Transpo Ind. - T-17
    Dev932   Nonmetallic Accessory Materials for Concrete Pavement and Concrete Structures Tim Ruelke   Nomaco - Nomaflex
    Dev993   Object Markers and Delineators - Express Lane Markers Gevin McDaniel • Pexco Surface Mount City Post with 800BASE211 2” Anchor cup (Concrete use ONLY) - Epoxy type FirmMarker in Cartridges - 18M900
    • Pexco Surface Mount City Post 6” Base - Mechanically anchored with Hilti 3/8 inch HCA Coil Anchor Bolts
    • Pexco Surface Mount City Post 8” Base - Epoxy Type:
    FirmMarker in Cartridges - 18M900
    FirmMarker in Bulk -
    Part A - 18M100 White EAS 06
    Part B - 212K299 Black EAS 06
    E-Bond 1240/41 in Tube kits - 3-1240/41-1K
    E-Bond 1240/41 in Bulk:
    One gallon 1240 Part A: 4-1240-A1G
    One gallon 1241 Part B: 4-1241-BIG
    Five gallon 1240 Part A: 4-1240-A1F
    Five gallon 1241 Part B: 4-1241-B1F
    • Safe-Hit Dura-Post 6” Base - 20MM X 90MM plastic anchor sleeves and 3/8 inch X 4 inch lag screws
    • Safe-Hit Dura-Post 6” Base - SHEPX-13-K1 epoxy
    SHEPX in bulk:
    One Gallon Part A Epoxy: SHEPX-14-A1
    One Gallon Part B Epoxy: SHEPX-15-B1