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Local Agency Program (LAP

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LAP Community of Practice


LAP Community of Practice

Lorraine Moyle,
State Local Agency Program Administrator
(850) 414-4383, Fax: (850) 414-4796





How do I do that?
"Marshall Mix" in lieu of "Superpave" - Specify the use of Marshall asphalt mixes in Local Agency specifications packages.
Sharing Project Decision Data - Proper handling of the transfer of project specific decisions and assumptions.
CEI Performed by Local Agencies - Utilizing in-house local forces for the purpose of providing CEI functions.
LAP Project Selection - Selecting projects well suited for the LAP project delivery method.
Specs on the Web "File Server"- Using Specs on the Web to obtain specifications for Local Agency Use.
Pipe Selection (Optional Pipe Usage Changes)- Optional pipe usage.
Electronic Systems Access- Accessing Department Systems to submit required LAP documents.
Change Order Documentation and Reimbursement- Processing and paying for changes to the contract work.
Developmental Specifications- Requesting and using FDOT Developmental Specifications.
As-builts- Handling as-builts in closing out a LAP project.
What does that mean?
LAP verses Other Local Aid Programs - List and descriptions of other local aid programs.
"The Big 4" - FDOT approved specifications for off-system Asphalt, Concrete, Earthwork and Landscape.
"Buy America" - Federal Provision for manufacturing of materials (i.e., steel and iron).
Proprietary Products (Sole Sourcing) - Guidance on including Proprietary Products.
Why is that required?
Value Engineering Analysis (VE Study) - Guidance including recent changes to Value Engineering.
Phase Submittals on LAP Projects - Guidance on phase submittals required for LAP projects.