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Professional Services Frequently Asked Questions

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Professional Services FAQ




Question: I am a vendor. How do I get on your list to do work for the Department of Transportation?



Question: I am a certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) or on the small business listing. How do I become prequalified/certified? I may also need to get prequalified as a consultant or contractor.



Question: I have questions regarding the Prequalification Application package.



Question: What is the difference between minor and unlimited level status?



Question: I have submitted my prequalification package. How long does the review process take, and how can I find out the current status?



Question: I have been notified that my firm was found insufficient in one or more areas. How do I resubmit?



Question: The name of my firm has changed. What do I need to do?



Question: One of our qualifying staff members is no longer with the firm. What do we do?



Question: I have submitted my complete prequalification package and it is under review, but I would like to submit a Letter of Response for an advertised Professional Services project. Am I allowed?



Question: My firm is acquiring another firm, merging with another firm, or acquiring assets of another firm. What do we need to do?



Question: I received the prequalification letter, but do not see my firm on the list of prequalified firms.



Question: Do you maintain a list of CPAs approved by FDOT to perform overhead audits?



Question: How do I get a list of current ITBs, RFPs, and ITNs?



Question: What is a Published Fee Schedule?


Answer 1:

There are several offices that you may need to get in touch with in order to work with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). Please visit the
Doing Business With Professional Services site for additional information, including information for contractor firms involved in construction services, such as roadway and bridge construction, which are prequalified through the Contracts Administration Office.

This office prequalifies firms in Professional Services design work, which is defined by Section 287.055, F.S., as services within the scope of practice of architecture, professional engineering, landscape architecture, or registered surveying and mapping. Detailed information about each of the 55 standard Professional Services work types can be found in Rule 14-75, F.A.C. This Rule also covers the Professional Services prequalification process.

Our office has put together a complete and detailed checklist for preparing and submitting your prequalification application, which is available on our Prequalification Applications page.

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Answer 2:

FDOT’s Equal Opportunity Office handles DBE certification. The prequalification process is identical for DBE firms and non-DBE firms.

To become prequalified with FDOT as a road and bridge contractor, please visit the Contracts Administration webpage for further instructions.

Small business certification is separate from prequalification. Additional information is available online.

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Answer 3:

Please feel free to e-mail all questions to co.profserv@dot.state.fl.us. Alternatively, you can call (850) 414-4477 to speak with Carliayn Kell, the Qualification Administrator, or Kelly Walls, the Assistant Qualification Administrator.

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Answer 4:

The prequalification level is separate from technical prequalification (work types), and refers to the estimated dollar amount of projects your firm is eligible to pursue.
  • Unlimited
  • - This level of prequalification allows consultants to compete for projects with fees of any dollar amount for which they are technically prequalified with the Department. Prequalification at this level requires annual submittal of an overhead audit performed by an independent CPA, along with the prequalification application, proof of professional liability insurance (PLI), and a signed Contractor Cost Certification.
  • Minor Projects Only
  • - This level of prequalification allows consultants to compete for projects with fees estimated below $500,000. Prequalification at this level requires annual submittal of a prequalification form along with proof of PLI. A self-certified overhead report and statement describing the firm's accounting system is optional, but is not required.

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Answer 5:

Once a completed prequalification package is received, the initial review may take up to 30 days. Please submit your application well in advanced of any deadlines for projects you are interested in pursuing to prevent any difficulties should the Department require additional information. If additional information is needed, you will be notified by email of the deficiencies so that your firm can update and resubmit the required information, after which the Department will have an additional 30 days to review the new information. You are welcome to contact us at any time by email at co.profserv@dot.state.fl.us to check on the status.

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Answer 6:

You are welcome to resubmit at any time. If your firm was found insufficient for a work type, please update your resumes based on the comments from the reviewers. Generally they are looking for more detailed descriptions of your prequalifying staff's involvement on the projects listed. We recommend reviewing the sample resumes we’ve put together. Although these were assembled with specific work types in mind, they provide an excellent basis for constructing resumes for all work types.

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Answer 7:

Please visit the Mergers and Name Changes page for details.

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Answer 8:

Please notify the Qualification Administrator immediately of any changes to prequalifying staff. Rule 14-75, F.A.C., states that prequalifying firms must notify the Department within 10 days of the departure of a prequalifying individual. You may need to submit a current resume for a replacement or your firm may lose prequalification in any work types impacted by the departure.

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Answer 9:

Yes. If you are in the process of prequalifying and your application was received prior to the deadline for the Letter of Response, your firm will be considered responsive. However, you must be prequalified by the Shortlist date, and the Prequalification review may take up to 30 days. Be sure to submit your application or modification well in advance of any project response deadlines you are interested in to prevent any difficulties should the review take the full 30 days or require additional information.

If you are intending to submit a Letter of Interest in response to a Design-Build Project, you will need to be prequalified by the response deadline. Please refer to the advertisement boilerplate for additional details.

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Answer 10:

Please visit the Mergers and Name Changes page for details.

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Answer 11:

The list is divided into two sections – one for unlimited firms and one for minor firms. If you do not see your firm and you are qualified at the minor level, make sure you have searched both sections.

The list of prequalified firms is updated every evening. Firms that are approved will not appear until the following day. Due to the delay, this list should not be used as sole verification of a firm’s prequalification. Please contact the Qualification Administrator, Carliayn Kell, or Assistant Qualification Administrator, Kelly Walls, by email to verify any information that is not reflected by the report.

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Answer 12:

We do not have an approved list. Any CPA can perform an overhead audit as long as it is in accordance with the Reimbursement Rate Guidelines and AASHTO Audit Guidelines.

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Answer 13:

We maintain a copy of the Vendor Guide which contains links to all of the appropriate information, including links to the Vendor Bid System.

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Answer 14:

A Published Fee Schedule is a listing of well-defined services for a set price that is offered to all customers. “Services” are final products or completed processes which can be measured as deliverable units. For example, drilling per foot, is a well-defined service that is measured in a per foot unit. An hourly rate or loaded billing rate is not the same as establishing a fee for a “service.” The unit rates provided in the Published Fee Schedule should represent the firm’s services, and not subconsultant/subcontractor/sub-vendor services. Subs will need to submit a separate fee schedule with their own rates. Costs associated with the Fee Schedule should be excluded from the direct and indirect cost pools used to calculate the reimbursement rates, to prevent a duplication of the costs. The unit rates provided in the Published Fee Schedule are subject to negotiation.

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