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Policy Planning / Programs & Services / Weekly Briefs / 07/21/2014

Weekly Briefs - July 21, 2014

Picture of a Florida Roadway

Abbreviations in this issue:

RPOs - Regional Planning Organizations

  1. Passenger Vehicle Occupant Fatalities: The Decline for Six Years in a Row From 2005 To 2011 - This report examines the decline in motor vehicle fatalities from 2005 to 2011, with the focus being on changes in passenger vehicle fatalities over that time period.
  2. Role of Regional Planning Organizations in Transportation Planning Across Boundaries - This research examines how RPOs and rural interests are integral partners in transportation planning efforts for megaregions and explores methods for their participation.
  3. Getting It to Click: Connecting Teens and Seat Belts - This report examines the elements of effective teen seat belt programs, showcases promising programs currently implemented in 12 states, and provides recommendations to accelerate the success of programs motivating teens to buckle up.
  4. An Economic Analysis of Transportation Infrastructure Investment - This report highlights the importance of investments in transportation infrastructure.
  5. Miscellaneous Reports
    • American Climate Prospectus: Economic Risks in the United States - This report summarizes findings of an independent assessment of the impact of climate change at the county, state, and regional level, and shows that communities, industries, and properties across the U.S. face profound risks from climate change.It provide decisionmakers in business and in government with the facts about the economic risks and opportunities climate change poses in the United States.
    • Young Driver Licensing in New Jersey - This report provides baseline information on teen licensing rates and trends in New Jersey.
    • 40 maps that explain food in America - This website explains, through 40 maps, where our food comes from and how we eat it, with some drinking thrown in for good measure.
    • In Post-Recession Era, Young Adults Drive Continuing Rise in Multi-Generational Living - This report presents an analysis of the U.S. population living in multi-generational households in the aftermath of the Great Recession. It utilizes the most recently available data to document changes in the multi-generational population since 2010 and to place them in the context of the longer-running trends in multi-generational living that occurred in the 20th century.

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