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Office of Policy Planning

Policy Planning / Programs & Services / Weekly Briefs / 07/14 /2014

Weekly Briefs - July 14, 2014

Picture of a Florida Roadway

Abbreviations in this issue:

SRTS - Safe Routes to School

  1. Rural Connections: Challenges and Opportunities in America's Heartland - This report looks at the condition, use and safety of the nation's rural transportation system, particularly its roads, highways and bridges, and identifies needed improvements. State comparisons are available at http://www.tripnet.org/national-info-reports.php.
  2. Implementation of High Accuracy Radar Detectors for Traffic Safety Countermeasure Evaluation - This report evaluates the feasibility of using high accuracy radar sensors for temporary, portable data collection for the evaluation of rural road traffic safety projects.
  3. Shared-Use Mobility Summit - This white paper discusses the state of the industry and trends in major shared-use mobility sectors: carsharing, bikesharing, ridesharing, and on-demand ride services. It summarizes summit sessions and highlights issues such as scaling of the shared-use mobility sector, integration of shared-use mobility services and public transit, and micro- and macro-policy considerations related to insurance, taxation, and parking.
  4. Miscellaneous Reports

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