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Office of Policy Planning

Policy Planning / Programs & Services / Weekly Briefs / 07/07/2014

Weekly Briefs - July 7, 2014

Picture of a Florida Roadway

Abbreviations in this issue:

TOD - transit oriented development

  1. Economic Impacts of Florida's Highway Beautification Program - This report estimates the regional economic impacts of highway beautification expenditures within Florida.
  2. Planning for Flood Recovery and Long-Term Resilience in Vermont - This report assesses local and state policies to enhance flood resilience.
  3. Effect of Light-Rail Transit on Traffic in a Travel Corridor (Sign in required) - This report examines light-rail's impact on traffic in a travel corridor, to quantify the associated savings on energy consumption, air pollution, and parking costs, and to compare cost savings to transit subsidies.
  4. Miscellaneous Reports

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