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Policy Planning / Programs & Services / Weekly Briefs / 04/07/2014

Weekly Briefs - April 7, 2014

Picture of a Florida Roadway

Abbreviations in this issue:

DOT - Department of Transportation
GHG - greenhouse gas
GPS - Global Positioning System
MPO - Metropolitan Planning Organization

  1. A Performance-Based Approach to Addressing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Transportation Planning - This publication discusses key approaches for integrating GHG emissions into a performance-based planning and programming approach, considerations for selecting an appropriate GHG performance measure, and using GHG performance measures to support investment choices and to enhance decision-making. The handbook is a resource for state DOTs and MPOs engaged in performance-based planning and programming to integrate GHG performance measures into transportation decision-making.
  2. Traffic Safety Facts: Older Population - This fact sheet summarizes safety facts of older population nationally and in the states.
  3. Smart Growth and Economic Success: Strategies for Local Governments - This paper reviews the latest evidence of the connection between smart growth approaches and the fiscal strength of local governments to help them make decisions about where and how to grow. It discusses smart growth approaches local governments can use to lower costs and/or increase revenue.
  4. Improving the Representation of the Pedestrian Environment in Travel Demand Models (Login Required) - This project develops more robust pedestrian planning tools for use in regional travel demand models. This applied research will improve the mode choice capabilities of Metro's existing trip-based model with respect to pedestrian trips.
  5. Miscellaneous Reports

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