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Quality/Level of Service

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About Quality/Level of Service Measurement


FDOT's Quality/Level of Service (Q/LOS) Handbook and accompanying software are intended to be used by engineers, planners, and decision makers in the development and review of roadway capacity and quality/level of service for planning-level analysis.

Quality/Level of Service


Materials based on the 2010 HCM and the use of Standard K

Florida DOT Guidelines


FDOT adopted an internal policy on the application of Level of Service standards and calculation procedures for the many FDOT offices. It is FDOT's statutory authority to maintain operating standards for the State Highway System and adequate mobility through the implementation of LOS standards.

Level of Service Information by District


In support of the Strategic Intermodal Systems (SIS) Planning Process and other statewide planning applications, each District prepares Level of Service (LOS) information. This information is maintained by each District. All available information is posted on this webpage. If information for a District is not shown, please contact the appropriate District Coordinator, provided in the links below, to request LOS information.  

District Information

For further information contact Gary Sokolow or phone (850) 414-4912.

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