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One of the most important responsibilities of the Florida Department of Transportation is to ensure that the design of each state road properly balances access and mobility. Access management is used to provide this very important balance by the careful planning of the location, design and operation of driveways, median openings, interchanges and street connections. The purpose of access management is to provide access to land development in a manner that preserves the safety and efficiency of the transportation system.


Do You Need a Driveway Application?


    Driveway Permit Contacts in Your County

  • Contact Information for various Permit Types including Access, Drainage, Utility, Building Moving, Road Closure, Banner, Highway Landscaping/Vegetation Management, Rest Area and general Use Permits.


    Driveway Permit Forms

  • FDOT Forms separated by Office for various needs. This specific link is for the Systems Planning Office Forms. Specifically, here is where you will find all the driveway application and permit forms.


Access Management Training Information


Visit the Systems Management training page for access management training information: Systems Management Training


Access Management Information


Access Management Classification (KML File) New Item

  • DISCLAIMER: Google Earth must be installed on your PC prior to opening the Access Management Classification file.


The Median Handbook (Updated September 2014)

  • Guides the professional through existing rules, standards and procedures as well as provides national guidance on the best ways to plan for medians and median openings.


Driveway Information Guide 2008

  • Guides the professional through existing rules, standards and current accepted practice to assist in making better decisions for driveway placement and design.


Access Management Brochure

  • Answering your questions about access management: balancing access and mobility.


Driveway Permits

  • Chapter 14-96: Information on State Highway Systems Connection Permits (Updated 1/23/2003).


Driveway Application Form

  • Driveway/Connection Application for all categories


Access Management Standards

  • Chapter 14-97: Information on State Highway Systems Access Management Classification System and Standards (Updated 10/5/2010)


Trip Generation Spreadsheet

  • A spreadsheet for calculating trip generation for the most common uses using the 8th Edition ITE Rates. Calculates daily and PM Peak hour directional trips.


Related Links on Access Management



    Center for Urban Transportation Research, Access Management Publications

  • CUTR is recognized nationally and serves as an important resource for policymakers, transportation professionals, the education system, and the public. With emphasis on developing innovative, implementable solutions to transportation problems, CUTR provides high quality, objective transportation expertise in the form of technical support, policy analysis, and research support that translates directly into benefits for its projects sponsors. (Updated 2011)


Access Management Publications and Resources - Federal Highway Administration Website

  • Answers the questions what is access management, how is it achieved, what is FHWA's role and what are the measures of success according to FHWA. (Updated 10/7/2008)



    Access Management in the Vicinity of Intersections

  • Overview of safety considerations in the design, implementation and management of driveways near traditional intersections in urban, suburban and rural environments where design considerations can vary as a function of land uses, travel speeds, volumes by mode and many other variables. (Updated 2/2010)

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