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Hancock Trail, picture of a section of the Upper Peace Legacy Trail, Polk County

Adopted Work Program


The Current Year Statewide Map illustrates projects on the SUN Trail network that are funded by the Legislature in the Adopted Work Program (Fiscal Year 2016-2017).


Statewide Detailed Map


Statewide Map and List of Projects


Update Cycle: Adopted annually by the Legislature, effective July 1 each year with the start of the new fiscal year.


Tentative Five Year Work Program


The tentative work program encompasses the five years after the current work program year. The tentative work program is submitted two weeks after the beginning of legislative session to the Florida Legislature, the Executive Office of the Governor (EOG), the Florida Transportation Commission (FTC) and the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO). After approval, on July 1, the tentative work program becomes the adopted work program. The first year of this adopted work program becomes the current work program year.

SUN Trail Tentative Work Program 2018-2021 Table



*An allocation to one project phase is not a guarantee of commitment to allocations for future project phases.



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