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Transportation Data and Analytics / Florida Traffic Monitoring Handbook

Florida Traffic Monitoring Handbook

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This handbook offers guidelines and techniques on Traffic Data Collection and Processing for the Department's Annual Traffic Count Program. The traffic data collection program is a collaborative effort involving the Districts and TDA. In broad terms, the Districts are responsible for collecting the short term coverage counts, defining the traffic segment breaks, keeping the station inventory file updated, and defining the factor categories. The TDA Office is responsible for operating the continuous traffic monitoring and weigh-in-motion programs, setting policy, maintaining the traffic databases and developing the AADT estimates.

Table of Contents

  1. Purpose (PDF - 69 KB)
  2. Overview (PDF - 69 KB)
  3. Scope (PDF - 69 KB)
  4. Abbreviations and Definitions (PDF - 149 KB)
  5. Short-Term Program (PDF - 542 KB)
  6. Continuous Monitoring Program (PDF - 169 KB)
  7. Weekly Data Processing (PDF - 565 KB)
  8. Annual Data Processing (PDF - 161 KB)
  9. TTMS/PTMS Field Inspection and Inventory (PDF - 419 KB)
  10. Reference Manuals (PDF - 70 KB)
  11. Appendices (PDF - 1,758 KB)

Traffic Monitoring Handbook (PDF - 4,527 KB)
Detailed Table of Contents with Navigations (PDF - 1,201 KB)

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