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Transportation Data and Analytics Office

Transportation Data and Analytics / Staff Directory

Staff Directory

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Office Manager

Ed Hutchinson

Manager, Transportation Data and Analytics Office

(850) 414-4910




Paula Joyner

Administrative Assistant

(850) 414-4729

Travel, Budget, Phones, Personnel, Surplus, Inventory, Invoices


Systems Support

Paul O'Rourke

Transportation Data Support Manager

(850) 414-4732

Application Development, Spatial Analysis, Travel Time and Freight Spatial Data, Official Mileage between Florida Cities


Shannon Weatherby

GIS Analyst/LRS Coordinator

(850) 414-4739

GIS Support, Linear Referencing System Process Coordinator (Maintenance and Revision), Office Training Coordinator, SharePoint Administrator


Mark Welsh

GIS Applications Coordinator

(850) 414-4722

RCI Spatial Data, ArcGIS Desktop Customizations, GIS Application Manager, Spatial Databases


Larry Kung

GIS Analyst

(850) 414-4721

Fed Aid Maps, MAP-21 Maps, Quality Assurance Review Maps, GIS Support


Transportation Data Inventory

Joel Worrell

Transportation Data Inventory Manager

(850) 414-4715



Eric Brickner

Transportation Mobility Analysis

(850) 414-4873

Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS), Federal Reporting

Tina Hatcher

  Transportation Data Applications

(850) 414-4706

Data Analysis and Reporting for Transportation Statistics (DART), Roadway Characteristics Inventory (RCI), HPMS, Roadway Inventory Tracking Application (RITA), Straight-Line Diagrams (SLDs), Diagrammer Applications, Data Analysis


Andrea Hodge

  Quality Assurance Coordinator

(850) 414-4775

Quality Assurance Review (QAR), District Quality Evaluation (DQE), Timeliness Standards


   Ryan Rittenhouse

   Quality Assurance Data Support Coordinator

(850) 414-4520

QAR, DQE, Timeliness Standards, Video Log


Judy Lenczyk

  Transportation Data Coordinator

(850) 414-4704

RCI, SLDs, RITA, Key Sheets, Handbooks and Documentation, Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) Support, Data Analysis, Task Team, Training


Jerry Scott

  Multimodal Data System Coordinator

(850) 414-4714

Historical Roadway Requests, Info Specialist, Multimodal Data, National Highway System (NHS) Designations, Road Jurisdiction Transfers, Functional Classification, State Roadway and U.S. Route Numbering, Data Analysis, Web Administrator


Transportation Monitoring Program

Steven Bentz, P.E.

Transportation Monitoring Program Manager

(850) 414-4738



Joey Gordon

Traffic Data Analysis Supervisor

(850) 414-4005

Traffic Data Reporting


   Hsinfang Fang

   Traffic Data Analyst

(850) 414-4713

Traffic Software


   Eric Griffin

   Traffic Data Analyst

(850) 414-4709

Traffic Data


   Walter Liddell

   Traffic Data Analyst

(850) 414-4731

Traffic Data Reporting


   Kendall Lindsay

   Traffic Data Analyst

(850) 414-4718

Traffic Data Reporting


James Whitley

Traffic Data Collection Manager
  (Springhill Road)

(850) 921-7378

Telemetered Traffic Monitoring Sites, Construction, Repair


   Victor Johnson

   Traffic Data Collection Coordinator
   (Springhill Road)

(850) 921-7303

Telemetered Traffic Monitoring Sites, Construction, Repair