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The geodatabase format for the shapefiles includes both the new ArcGIS file geodatabase as well as the personal geodatabase. Please note that the file geodatabase format can only be used in ArcGIS 9.2 or later versions. The personal geodatabase is supported by all versions of ArcGIS desktop software.

The geodatabases include layer (*.lyr) files. These files make accessing the data even easier. They also provide standard DOT symbolization for the feature classes. Simply download the zip archive and extract all the files into the SAME directory. You can then add the data to an ArcGIS session by dragging a layer file into ArcMap (using Windows Explorer or ArcCatalog) or by adding the layer file from within ArcMap by clicking on the "Add Data" button. By using the layer files, you get enhanced symbolization. It is important that the layer files and the geodatabase are all in the same directory.

When downloading data, or viewing maps or metadata, please enter Guest as the user. No password is required.


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