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Transportation Statistics Office

TranStat / GIS

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Picture of a Florida Roadway

The Transportation Statistics Office created and maintains the official FDOT basemap of all roads in the Roadway Characteristics Inventory (RCI). It is also responsible for the production and maintenance of numerous maps (including the Federal Aid Highway maps), GIS data layers (shapefiles and geodatabases), and custom GIS tools. Other products include iView, Florida Traffic Online, and City-to-City Mileage.

GIS Data Directory

Shapefiles and Geodatabases - Statewide data in WinZip format, updated weekly. Projection: UTM 17; Datum: NAD 83

Custom Tools - All custom tools (excluding the Data Download Executable) can be downloaded and installed using the TranStat GIS Application Manager. Most tools are for use with ArcMap and include Curvature, among others.

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For further information contact CO-TRANSTATGIS or phone (850) 414-4848

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