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Transportation Costs

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The Office of Policy Planning has in the past produced a report titled, "Transportation Costs". The last edition of this report was issued in March 2005. Information previously included in the report will now be provided through separate reports linked below that can be updated more frequently and easily. Contacts for District specific information are also provided.



  • Inflation Factors -- updated 07/18/2016
  • Highway Construction Costs - Highway construction costs are based on the typical design characteristics of common road types for a centerline mile of roadway and statewide average price estimates for pay items. Generic estimates for these common road types are available for reference purposes from the State Estimates Office. Please note that construction costs vary across the state and noticeable cost differences may occur within a single district. District-level cost information is available for some areas. Please contact the district office(s) where the project will be located to determine which estimates should be used.
    • State Estimates Office
    • District 1 - Gena Batman, (813) 519-2558
    • District 2 - Richard Rountree, (386) 758-3759
    • District 3 - Heath Riley, (850) 330-1567 - Cost Information (as of 12/30/2015)
    • District 4 - Gene Lipscomb, (954) 777-4691
    • District 5 - Ed Kestory, (386) 943-5415
    • District 6 - Ruben Rivero, (305) 470-5259
    • District 7 - Daniel Santos, (813) 975-6429 - Cost Information
    • Turnpike - Don Brackins, (407) 532-3999
  • Right of Way Costs - Right of Way (ROW) costs vary widely depending on the location in the state and can be very sensitive to local real estate market impacts. ROW cost calculations are further complicated when specific project locations have not been finalized, a common occurrence during the early stages of a project. Contacts for further guidance on specific project estimates for right of way costs are as follows:
    • District 1 - Bill Sullivan,(863) 519-2428
    • District 2 - Betty Breckenridge, (386) 961-7405
    • District 3 - Michael Coyle, (850) 415-9312
    • District 4 - Tom Stepp, (954) 777-4230
    • District 5 - Jack Adkins, (386) 943-5072
    • District 6 - Steven D. Johnson. (305) 470-5176
    • District 7 - Daniel Santos, (813) 975-6429
    • Turnpike - Kathleen Joest, (407) 532-3999
  • Bridge Costs - Information on the range of costs of short, medium and long span bridges. Demolition and widening costs are also included. (posted on 5/12/14)
  • Airport Costs - Construction cost information for runways, taxiways, ramps, terminals and fuel tanks. (posted on 01/13/16)
  • Transit Costs - Information on Florida-specific, estimates for systems costs, operating costs and new vehicle costs. (posted on 03/19/15)
  • Update on Highway Construction Cost Trends in Florida - The report presents key findings and a summary of the activities undertaken by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). It also identifies a number of continuing actions that are designed to help keep track of the current state and direction of Florida's construction market.

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