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Florida Transportation Performance

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What Are Performance Measures? - Performance measures are indicators that quantify progress toward attaining a goal or objective.

Why Do We Use Them? - The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) uses performance measures to:

  • Assess how well the transportation system is operating;
  • Provide the Department with better information to support decisions;
  • Assess how effectively and efficiently transportation projects and services are being delivered;
  • Determine how satisfied our customers are; and
  • Demonstrate transparency and accountability for results to Florida's citizens.

How Does FDOT Use Performance Measures? - The improvement needs of Florida's transportation system are much greater than available funding. Resources must be used in the most strategic, effective and efficient ways possible. Performance measures play an important role in this effort. They are integrated into the Department's business practices on three distinct levels:

  • At the strategic level - Performance measures are used to establish goals and objectives, and to monitor progress towards achieving the state's long-range transportation goals. These long-term goals are part of the 2060 Florida Transportation Plan.
  • At the decision-making level = Performance measures are used to inform the financial policies that determine how funds are allocated across numerous programs such as highway preservation, system expansion, and public transportation in an effort to measure their effectiveness. These programs are defined in the Program and Resource Plan.
  • At the project delivery level - Once projects have been selected, performance measures are used to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of projects and services in the Five Year Work Program. The measures are also used in supporting organizational and operational improvements.

This Performance-Based Planning and Programming Process is shown in this graphic.

Graphic of the Performance-Based Planning and Programming Process

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