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2014 Performance Report

Picture of a Florida Roadway

2014 Performance Report


Cover of the 2014 Performance Report      

The 2014 Performance Report documents the Department's progress in relation to our mission execution and other priorities, plans and programs. The Performance Framework provides further explanation of our process. The Full Report includes the four chapters below:

Safety & Security


Cover of the Safety & Security Chapter

The safety and security of the transportation system is
among the state's highest commitments to its residents
and visitors.

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Maintenance & Operations


Cover of the Maintenance & Operations Chapter

Regular maintenance and improvements keep Florida's
transportation assets operating efficiently, extend their
useful life and can delay the substantial cost of
reconstructing or replacing them.

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Mobility & Economic Competitiveness


Cover of the Mobility & Economic Competitiveness Chapter

Florida's transportation system supports the efficient
flow of people and freight and in turn creates jobs and
fosters economic growth.

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Quality of Life & Environmental Stewardship


Cover of the Quality of Life & Environmental Stewardship Chapter

Transportation investments can be made in ways that enhance
mobility and the quality of life for the public while
ensuring responsible stewardship of the environment.

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