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Florida Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Surveys / 2007-2008

FY 2008 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Picture of a Florida Roadway

From August 2007 to February 2008, the FDOT conducted its biennial customer satisfaction surveys. A total of 7,002 FDOT customers responded to our surveys. They included Florida residents (2,803), visitors to Florida (538), government officials (357), Well Elders (501), and commercial drivers (2803). Like customers in the previous surveys, these groups rated their satisfaction with several aspects of the State Highway System: the visibility of roadway signs and markings, construction zones, traffic flow, rest areas and airports, and overall satisfaction with the transportation system.

The 2007 survey results are comparable to those of the previous customer surveys. As in the past, the results were virtually identical among the districts for the maintenance-related questions, but varied for other question areas.