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Office of Policy Planning

Policy Planning / Divisions


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Director and Administrative

Employee Responsibility Area Telephone
Carmen Monroy Director 850-414-4800
Paula San Gregorio Office Manager 850-414-4811
Vacant Administrative Support (850) 414-4826

Intergovernmental Programs

Dana Reiding Administrator 850-414-4719
Dennis Smith Sr. Policy Analyst - Growth Management 850-414-4820
Melanie Weaver Carr Sr. Policy Analyst - REDI and Rural Consultative Process 850-414-4817
Brian Watts Sr. Policy Analyst - SIS Policy Plan, SIS Designation 850-414-4818

Intergovernmental Coordination

Yvonne Arens Public Transportation Manager 850-414-4816
Regina Colson Sr. Policy Analyst - Demographic Analysis 850-414-4807
Vacant Planning Consultant I - Long Range Program Plan, Statewide Planning and Research 850-414-4901
Sean Santalla Sr. Policy Analyst - MPO Coordination 850-414-4578

Statewide Planning and Policy Analysis

W. David Lee Administrator 850-414-4802
Martin Markovich Sr. Policy Analyst - Transportation Costs, Economic Analysis 850-414-4918
Monica Zhong Sr. Policy Analyst - Trends and Conditions, Customer Survey, Web Support 850-414-4808