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I-275 Exit Numbers


Traveling on I-275 Exit Intersecting Roadway
North South 2 US 41
South 5 US 19 South
North South 16 Pinellas Point Dr.
North South 17 US 19 North/54th Ave. South/
SR 682 (Pinellas Bayway)
North 18 26th Ave. South
South 19 22nd Ave. South
North 20 31st St. South
South 21 28th St. South
North South 22 I-175
North South 23A I- 375
South 23B SR 595 (5th Ave. North)
North South 24 22nd Ave. North
North South 25 38th Ave. North
South 26 54th Ave. North
North 26A 54th Ave. North (East)
North 26B 54th Ave. North (West)
North South 28 SR 694 (Gandy Blvd.)
North South 30 SR 686
(Roosevelt Blvd.)
Combined with Exit 31(SR 688)
South 31 SR 688 (Ulmerton Rd.)
Martin Luther King Jr. St.
South 32 SR 687 (4th St. North)
North 39A SR 60 East
(Kennedy Blvd.)
North 39B SR 60 West
(Memorial Hwy.)
South 39 SR 60 West
(Memorial Hwy.)
South 40A West Shore Blvd.
North South 40B Lois Ave.
North South 41A US 92 West
(Dale Mabry South)
North South 41B US 92 East
(Dale Mabry North)
South 41C Himes Ave.
North South 42 Armenia Ave./ Howard Ave.
North 44 Ashley Dr./ Scott St./ Tampa St.
South 45A Jefferson St./ Ashley Dr./ Doyle Carlton Dr.
North South 45B I-4
South 46A Floribraska Ave.
North South 46B SR 574
(Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.)
North 47A US 92 East (Hillsborough Ave.)
North 47B US 92 West (Hillsborough Ave.)
South 47 US 92
(Hillsborough Ave.)
North South 48 Sligh Ave.
North 49 Bird St.
North South 50 SR 580 (Busch Blvd.)
North South 51 SR 582 (Fowler Ave.)
North South 52 CR 579A
(Fletcher Ave.)
North South 53 Bearss Ave.
North 59 SR 56

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