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Surveying & Mapping

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District 6 Single Baseline Port Designation
District 1District 2 District 3District 4 District 5District 6 District 7

Port Protocol Language Product
23XYZ TCP RTCM 2.x Station Single Baseline
25XYZ TCP CMR+ Station Single Baseline
31XYZ TCP RTCM 3.x Station Single Baseline
6 = FDOT District Number
01 (FLMB) = Station Number (See Station Designation Below)

District 6 Port Designation
Site Name Station # (00) City
DISTRICT6 00 District Wide
FLMB 01 Miami Beach
FLD6 02 District 6
HOME 03 Homestead
FLPK 04 Plantation Key
KWST 05 Key West
FLND 06 North Dade
MKEY 07 Marathon Key
RMND 08 Richmond Heights
BCYP 51 Big Cypress