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Surveying & Mapping

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District 4 Single Baseline Port Designation
District 1District 2 District 3District 4 District 5District 6 District 7

Port Protocol Language Product
23XYZ TCP RTCM 2.x Station Single Baseline
25XYZ TCP CMR+ Station Single Baseline
31XYZ TCP RTCM 3.x Station Single Baseline
4 = FDOT District Number
01 (BOCA) = Station Number (See Station Designation Below)

District 4 Port Designation
Site Name Station # (00) City
DISTRICT4 00 District Wide
BOCA 01 Boca Raton
FTLD 02 Davie
GLAD 03 Belle Glade
LAUD 04 Ft Lauderdale
PBCH 05 West Palm
SBST 06 Sebastian
STEW 07 Stuart
FLHO 08 Hobe Sound
FLIT 09 Indiantown
FLFR 10 Florida Ridge